About Us


“Our mission is to improve the economies of the First Nation communities and North Eastern Ontario through the proactive, professional and meaningful provision of business and economic services”


The Waubetek Business Development Corporation is an Aboriginal-owned and controlled organization that delivers business financing and economic development services to First Nations and Aboriginal entrepreneurs in North-Eastern Ontario. Waubetek also delivers an aquaculture initiative in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Goals and Objectives:

Business Development
  • To finance 40 New business start-ups per year
  • To finance 40 Existing businesses per year
  • To finance Youth businesses per year
  • To finance 10 business acquisitions per year
Business Support
  • To complete and maintain a North-East Aboriginal Business directory
  • To provide Business Support services in the regions serviced by Waubetek
  • To continue to support the Aboriginal Tourism sector
  • To support the Aboriginal Fisheries sector
  • To support the Aboriginal Mining sector
Economic Development

To promote a mindset of entrepreneurship
To assist Regional Economic initiatives

Economic Support
  • To support First Nation Economic Development Officers
  • To assist with Community Economic Development Tools