Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy

At the request of the First Nations in North-East Ontario, Waubetek developed an Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy for the region that identifies potential business opportunities in recreational and commercial fisheries as well as aquaculture.  On the aquaculture component, Waubetek has partnered with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to be the lead organization for an aquaculture initiative in Central Canada covering Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  A Fisheries Asset Mapping document has also been completed for use by the First Nations in North-East Ontario.

In the strategy, the following strategic elements were identified:

  1. Develop capacity in commercial fisheries, aquaculture, recreational fisheries, processing and marketing;
  2. Access to capital and infrastructure to support fisheries and aquaculture development;
  3. Access to objective information to identify, explore and develop potential opportunities in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development;
  4. Identify and deliver training and skills development programming; and
  5. Enhance First Nations autonomy regarding fisheries management in traditional Aboriginal territories.


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