Our Board

Bayer, Martin
Waubetek Chairperson

Mr. Bayer, Chairperson, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in advancing economic development in our First Nation communities. Mr. Bayer specializes in Native Law, Civil Litigation, Natural Resources Law, Corporate and Commercial Law at Weaver Simmons, Northern Ontario's largest and most prominent fims where he is a Partner. He has also served as Director and President of the Wabuno Fish Farms, a company owned by the Ojibways of Aundeck Omni Kaning and served on the Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation. In 1998, he served for five years as the Tribal Chairperson of the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin where he was responsible for providing leadership on a wide range of economic, social and political issues. Mr. Bayer won a national award from Employment and Immigration Canada and a Premier's Award from Ontario in 1999 and the Cambrian College Alumni Award in 1999. Mr. Bayer holds a Three Year Diploma in Business Administration from Cambrian College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Laurentian University, a Juris Doctor degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto, Introductory and Advanced Dispute Resolution Certificates from the University of Windsor and a Certificate in Mining Law from Osgoode Hall Law School's Professional Development Program.

He has served as the Chairman of the Waubetek Business Development Corporation since November 2007.

Debassige, Jessie

Jessie Debassige owns and has operated her family retail business for over 30 years on the M’Chigeeng First Nation. There, she runs a convenience store, gas bar and heavy equipment operation employing several people and managing heavy equipment contracts. She is also an avid volunteer for minor hockey in her community. She joined the Waubetek Board in July 2011.

Genereux, Leonard

Leonard Genereux, Director, is a member of the Sheshegwaning First Nation where he serves as the Right to Play Community Mentor.  Leonard has been involved in a variety of Boards and Committees over the years.  Leonard has also served as Chief of his community and has an educational background in Business Administration and Property Management wiath a focus on Financial Managerial Accounting.  He joined the Waubetek Board in June 2014.

Lambert, Thomas

Thomas Lambert represents the Northeast Region. Thomas is a Nipissing First Nation member and commenced working for his community in 2006 as the Economic Development Officer. Thomas joined the Waubetek Board in April 2011 and brings experience in human resource training and employment sector having worked for 18 years for HRDC/Service Canada in North Bay, Sturgeon Falls and Sudbury. Mr. Lambert also serves as a founding Director with the Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association.

Mariette Sutherland


Mossip, Kevin

Kevin Mossip, Director, is a member of the Zhiibaahaasing First Nation and has served on the Waubetek Board of Directors since 1995.  Kevin has a long history of public service and business management, currently serving as Councillor/Deputy Chief and the Band Economic Development Officer for the Zhiibaahaasing First Nation.  He has also worked as the Finance Manager and Manager for the community-owned Nimkii Makwa Convenience Store and Gas Bar.  He has wider governance experience, having worked with the Anishinabek Nation in the development of the Chi-Naaknigewin governance model.  He also holds Board positions being Chairperson for Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services and Mnaamodzawin Health Services.  He is also the current President for the Mnidoo Mnis Power Wind Farm Corporation.


Bennett, Arnelda

Arnelda Bennett, Director, is a member of the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation.  Arnelda serves as the Business Development Officer for the Sagamok Anishnawbek.  She joined the Waubetek Board in December 2016.


Bissiallon, Wilma


Wilma Bissiallon is a member of the Mississauga First Nation and is presently employed with the Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation as the General Manager.  Wilma represents the North Shore Region from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury.  She brings with her 20 years plus of experience in economic and business development, retail business, employment and training.  In addition, she has many years of experience participating on committees and boards at the local to national level.  She joined the Waubetek Board in March 2016.