Waubetek's Aquaculture Services


Waubetek employs an Aquaculture Development Officer(s) acting as the Business Development Team (BDT) for aquaculture related activities and projects. The Aquaculture Development Officers role is to act as a confidential resource, asset, and ally for participating Indigenous communities and eligible groups, within nearly any stage of development or operation. One of the main focuses is to ensure the best interest of the community is always acknowledged and to ensure all projects are feasible and sustainable.

In addition to above, Waubetek also;

  • Assists in identifying new or expanding opportunities.

  • Identify new innovations, best practices, and approaches.

  • Advisory on the implementation of early-stage aquaculture business development plans.

  • Identify and supports Indigenous communities through joint venture opportunities and partnerships creations.

  • Advisory services specific to aquaculture related fisheries.

  • Assist with flagship business development projects.

  • Assist with Business improvement projects.

  • Host and participate in Aquaculture workshops.