Appeal Process

How do I appeal a decision by Waubetek?

Any applicant can appeal a decision in writing to the Waubetek Board of Directors.  The applicant can bring additional information to the attention of the Board and request a second assessment. Applicants will be given explanations for any decisions made.

This policy is in effect for both contributions and/or loans. Any complaints received will be tracked, investigated, and responded to in a timely fashion. It will be the policy of Waubetek to avoid complaints and appeals by making the process open and transparent and by being honest and respectful to all clients.

Board members are the ears of the organization in their communities to hear and report back on any complaints and service issues.

Appeal Procedures

The purpose of the appeal procedure is to allow the applicant to request that a proposal that is not approved (at any level of authority) be reassessed by the Board of Directors, or a committee of the Board formed for this purpose.


Applicants must inform Waubetek (ATTENTION: General Manager), in writing of their request that the decision reached be appealed. Such a request will include the applicant's reason for the appeal.

A copy of the appeal request, the Application for Funding, the business plan, the assessment report and any other pertinent documentation will be forwarded to the Board of Directors or a committee of the Board of Directors formed for the purpose of hearing appeals (the “Appeal Committee”)

Review and Approval

Appeals will be subject to a re-assessment of the proposal and the original decision will be confirmed or the appeal will be supported.

The Board of Directors or Appeal Committee will inform the General Manager of the results of the appeal review.

The applicant will be notified in writing of the decision of the Board by the General Manager.

Documentation required by the Waubetek Board for appeals are as follows:
* a written request from the applicant
* the Application for Funding
* the business/marketing plan
* Waubetek assessment
* any other pertinent documentation