Micro Hatcheries


Micro Hatcheries can be best described as a very small fish culture facility, most commonly used for enhancement and rehabilitation and not a commercial operation. One of the best uses of Micro hatcheries is a tool to create educational opportunities for schools that could form apart of the school curriculum, a fun learning opportunity that can have youth engaged as early as kindergarten. Many First Nation Schools have embraced the Micro Hatchery as a teaching aide for the children who can participate in egg picking, cleaning and even looking at the development of the fertilized fish eggs under microscopes. Once the eggs hatch, the students are also involved with releasing them back into the natural environment, typically as part of a ceremony. Numerous Micro hatcheries have been deployed in schools across Ontario, as well as making excellent visual fixtures in lobbies in businesses and band offices. These little facilities can fit on a desk or can be catered to any desired size and come with bell jars, aquariums, pumps and water treatment equipment. They can hatch nearly any fin fish species and the production schedule can accommodate a different species per semester. These projects demonstrate that we can have a positive impact in the ecosystem around us as well as everyday people can undertake fish culture activities, while having fun doing it.